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Hublot: Big Bang Broderie

A new icon is born with a feminine touch

by Redazione
February 3rd, 2016

The much praised inimitable character and technological excellence of Big Bang have made it the ultimate symbol of fusion. The brand has become the showcase for the run-away creativity that is the essence of Swiss manufacturer Hublot. A philosophy of luxury freed from the established codes. The two new limited-series Big Bang Broderie Sugar Skull 41MM and Big Bang Broderie 41MM, presented at the 2016 Geneva Show, bear witness to this ideology. They blend confident femininity with innovation at its peak and, for the second year running, consecrate Saint Gallen embroidery on organza silk. A new icon is born.

As an inexhaustible source of inspiration, the embroidery of Saint-Gallen is transposed into the art of fusion to reveal all of its modernity and creative potential for the second consecutive year with Big Bang for these  two new limited series, each of which comes in three runs of 200 pieces.

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