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BR 03 – Bell & Ross, a special edition of 30 pieces

A special edition of 30 pieces available only for automotive lovers (and who are keen of France)

by Paola Perfetti
February 5th, 2015

The 30th edition of International Motor Show is over, but one of the moments we will remember is the Bell & Ross launch of the exclusive watch created to celebrate the anniversary of the event of the year for the biggest names in the auto and design world.

Partnering the International Motor Show, Bell & Ross presented a commemorative model, a special edition of 30 pieces on sale only in the days of the show.

A watchmaking brand of the highest quality, Bell & Ross has also been working in parallel with the auto world for many years thanks to inventive sporting partnerships and the creation of exclusive dashboard clocks for concept cars. With their shared passion for innovation and fine mechanics, it was only natural that Bell & Ross should team up with the International Motor Show in 2008. This partnership has continued to flourish ever since“, Bell & Ross staff said.

Over the last 30 years, the International Motor Show has become the event of the year for the biggest names in the auto and design world.

It is so since its inaugural event in Chamonix in 1986. Than it moved the Place Vendôme, The Ritz, the Grand Palais, but it has represented the highlights of the artistic dimension of the automobile in order to make this one-of-a-kind show the “fashion week for auto design”. 

“Every site of the International Motor Show has been chosen to promote the values of luxury and prestige. It is now, at the heart of the Hôtel National des Invalides – a jewel in French history – that the event comes into its own and continues to carve out its identity“, they go on explaning. 

Bell & Ross is part of this story. This is the reason why, for 2015, it extends its partnership at a symbolic military site, where a large part of France’s military history was written. This is the root of the birth of a commemorative watch, BR 03, designed with an immediately recognisable square silhouette.

Employing the design principles of a dashboard clock, this watch-instrument immediately affirms its utilitarian vocation. Its PVD-coated steel case, the dial and rubber strap are jet black. For its part, the bright red second hand adds a subtle sporty touch.
At 6 o’clock, the dial of this 30th anniversary edition features the silhouette of a car – now the emblem of the International Motor Show.

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