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beHouse 2015

beHouse 2015: OOO – Out of Order ®

by Redazione
May 20th, 2015

A totally Italian brand that eschews the fashion trends and stands out for the personal taste of its products. OOO – Out of Order® proposes a collection of watches with an innovative design that gives them an intentionally “lived-in” look. Each Damaged in Italy model is deliberately aged in both the case and the strap by means of a certified exclusive patent held by the company.

The collection is divided into three lines – Solotempo, Automatico and Cronografo – all characterised by particular care and creativity in the choice of colours and materials. Each watch is carefully designed and every single detail is meticulously crafted by expert technicians. An essential value of the brand is the incomparable quality of the handmade production, the components and the strap are crafted by hand, and each watch in the same line is different from the others.

One of the conditions of use indicated by OOO – Out of Order® is Please, treat me bad, to remind us, with this amusing provocation, that the more “damaged” the watch is, the more value it acquires.

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