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Terre di Canossa 2015

Special report and figures from the fifth edition. Vintage cars on the streets of Liguria, Tuscany and Emilia

by Sara Cervo
April 27th, 2015

One hundred registered teams, sixteen countries, thirty-three car manufacturers and 40% women for the fifth edition of the “Terre di Canossa. International Classic Cars Challenge”.

The motor race at this fifth edition saw the triumph of a passion for vintage cars along with a respect for nature (16-19 April 2015). For the event, the organising committee decided to offset the impact of its CO2 emissions by planting trees along the course of the race.

This way, the teams also left a memory of themselves in the magnificent Italian countryside, made even more beautiful by the historic cars that raced along the 620 km of the “Terre di Canossa. International Classic Cars Challenge”.

All the cars that took part can be found in our gallery.

Credits photo:  Renè Photo, Dino Benassi, Massimo Carpeggiani, Rinaldo Serra.

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