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It’s Carnival time!

At carnival anything goes

by Luca Manzoni
February 15th, 2015

Carnival, the craziest time of the year, is back with its great traditions, each one with its own history. No social rules or hierarchies, orders are subverted, it’s tricks’ time. Like Greek Anthesteria and ancient Roman Saturnalia, modern Carnival is the moment chosen to forget sadness and indulge in pleasure.

On February 7th, the Feast of the Marys kicked off Venice Carnival – the first proof of Venice festival dates back to 1094 – with young gondoliers carrying on shoulders 12 girls till the stage of Gran Teatro San Marco, where Prince Maurice Agosti – playing Casanova – was waiting for them. The girls will contend for Mary title; the “winner” will be the Angel of the next year. On February 8th, The Flight of the Angel from St. Mark’s Campanile kicked off the real Venice Carnival, a great, crazy festival that will end on February 17th.

On February 14th it took place the most lavish and dreaming appointment of the city: The Doge’s Ball. This year the most exclusive Venetian masquerade ball celebrates its XXII edition, more than love in all its looks with “Cupid in Wonderland” theme. Super elegant costumes, amazing masks all by Antonia Sautter who created one of the most exclusive events of the world in 1994. A party still today attended by people coming from all over the world.

However, when we think about Carnival, we can’t mention Rio de Janeiro. Rio Carnival started on February 13th and will end on February 21st, with the last Samba schools parade that will close one of the most famous feast of world. Magic and emotions down the streets in a Country where Carnival is felt without tabus or limits, included the social ones.

The first Rio masked ball took place in 1840, but only in 1917 it became the event we know today, with the insertion of Samba, musical genre only slaves descendants knew at those times. The charm and strength of this dance changed the traditional Brazilian Carnival, that officially begins with the coronation of King Momo by the mayor of Rio. Parades, Sambadromes, till the extraordinary Magic Ball at Copa and Rio Carnival Scala balls: here fun has no limits.

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