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Art Deco Festival: a weekend cruising on Art Deco Age

Art Deco Festival - Labor Day 2014

by Paola Perfetti
August 29th, 2014

A weekend in the name of Art Deco Age. It’s a Festival. It’s aboard one of the greatest Maritime Monarchs of history, The Queen Mary in Long Beach (CA). It’s an Art Deco Festival – Labor Day 2014.

Until September 1st, lovers of Golden Age of Travel will be able to join a “Cruise” back in time thanks to the 10th Annual Art Deco Festival presented by the Queen Mary in association with the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles.

Drinking, dining, dancing, wearing in a Great Gatsby mood. It’s all to discover the opulence and the Art Deco design of this by-gone era surrounded by the largest collection of Art Deco in the World.

Art plays an important role in the décor of the ship. Further enhanced by the use of over 50 different types of woods from all over the world, The Queen Mary earned her nickname the “Ship of Woods”.
With elaborate frescos, paintings, sculptures and wood carvings found throughout the ship, she is widely considered one of the best examples and landmarks of Art Deco style (1920s-30s) in the world.

The calendar is full of occasions and appointments.

Every day, a special Queen Mary tour highlights the beautiful Art Deco artwork and treasures aboard the ultimate in Art Deco liners. There are Vintage Bazaar & Showcase, and Daily Lecture Series. Tastings of whiskey and lessons on the vintage cocktails from a specialty mixologist. Vintage tour on an historical Double Decker Bus. Parties and a soiree in the name of Gatsby-style with vintage libations, entertainment, eats and lawn games.
Who loves dancing can wear his dancing shoes and take a turn or two around the dance floor while enjoying traditional tea service and vintage inspired libations with sweet and savory treats.
And this is just the beginning…

Today we come to the happy task of sending on her way the stateliest ship now in being. It has been the nation’s will that she should be completed, and today we can send her forth no longer a number on the books, but a ship with a name in the world, alive with beauty, energy and strength! May her life among great waters spread friendship among the nations!King George V said on the Queen Mary launch.

A new era has come, but it’s always time to celebrate the Art Deco Age.

10th Annual Art Deco Festival 

1126 Queens Highway • Long Beach, CA 90802
Information: (877) 342-0738

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