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Fender Stratocaster turns 60

The real rockstar of rock world

by Luca Manzoni
October 21st, 2014

An undisputed icon that wrote the history of music. Fender Stratocaster is “the guitar”, as famous as the rock legends who played it. Created in 1954 by Leo Fender, this year Stratocaster turns 60: a model, an unchanged success that today is still the same. Since then, every global success saw “her” as protagonist with “her” flawless richness then changed by the greatest rockstars and guitar players.

Funk, Pop, Grunge: the most important grooves got through Stratocaster‘s strings. A unique instrument that became a legend thanks to the perfection of the sound, a real presence on the stage as the guitarists who played it, like Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain or Eric Clapton, just to name a few. On December 2013, Bob Dylan‘s Fender Stratocaster was sold at auction for 965,000 dollars.

Her strong points are the details of the structure, like the vibrato system (introduced with Stratocaster itself), the greater number of pick-ups, the lightness, the original and ergonomic shape, the choice of the solid body and the easy access to the high notes.

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