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beHouse 2015

beHouse 2015: Kinloch

The King of the Lake
is about a journey far away

by Redazione
May 20th, 2015

Square. Scarf. Pocket Square. Tie. Bow Tie. How many shapes can the silk, the cotton, the colors of the sky have? The lightness of the raw materials, the preciousness of the artisanal work, the prints produced from hand painted watercolors, the design that tells a story every time.

“Traveling without moving is quite essential. Kinloch, in fact, is lazy, like silk. It can’t sit up straight, it always falls gently”, they say. The brand comes from Italy and Scotland at the same time. “Kinloch” is the Scottish name of the King of the lake, but that water is sweet. It comes from Lake Como and the Mediterranean Sea. From Palermo harbor, first of all.

So, Kinloch’s mood means a travel in places and times: “When wearing a scarf, you can sense, as if they were loving ghosts, the artisans who finished them by hand, you can perceive they are working somewhere […] Early in the morning, as you walk down the alley, you can feel winter. There’s no snow, the sun is rising and flowers are blooming. Still, you can feel winter. You know it, because you can take a stroll without getting too tired. The sea breeze isn’t dry and salty as it should be, but it smells of wet lemons. Kinloch is a bit like that.

It’s magic and without season. You know it’s winter because you wear wool and summer because you choose cotton. You know it’s male because you are a man and female because you are a woman. It doesn’t really matter, does it? Kinloch is about a journey far away, dreaming and not wanting to wake up, colors before they become images.”

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