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Bloody Mary: vodka, tomato juice and history

The ingredients and the best places in the world to enjoy it

by Sara Cervo
April 19th, 2015

George Jessel’s new tonic which is getting attention from the columnists in the city is called Bloody Mary: half tomato juice and half vodka”, wrote Lucius Beebe in his column in the New York Herald Tribune.

That is how in 1939 he described the blood-red cocktail whose name – so legend has it – was derived from various females: from Queen Mary I of England (known as Bloody Mary) to Hollywood star Mary Pickford or Mary Stewart (better known as Mary Queen of Scots and considered to be bewitched). This vodka-based cocktail with tomato juice, lemon, Worcester sauce, salt, pepper and tabasco is considered one of the most difficult to prepare by many barmen, as it is not always easy to get the proportions right.

Various places serve excellent ones, with some notable variations.
Which ones? The best of our gallery!

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