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Affligem Beer: Momentum

The famous Belgian beer celebrates its millennial tradition in a photographic exhibition

by Redazione
September 26th, 2014

Since 1074 Affligem hands down a tradition made of passion and devotion. The millennial history of this Belgian beer, brewed in abbey and now part of Heineken Group, has its roots in the conservation of the ancient techniques used by monks for this draught beer. Telling Affligem‘s ancient tradition: this is Giovanni Gastel‘s goal, who will catch the Momentum through the photographic portraits of the main contemporary protagonists of art, design and fashion.

The traveling photographic exhibit “Affligem celebra Momentum” will open on September 30th in Milan, in Chiostri of San Simpliciano. The pictures will be shown in Affligem flagship stores. The protagonists portrayed are Luca Ascani (CEO and Founder Gruppo Populis/ Blogosfere), Carlo Borromeo (Designer), Marta Ferri (Fashion Designer), Ildo Damiano (Fashion editor and style expert), Matteo Ghiringhelli (Sommelier), Beniamino Nespor and Eugenio Roncoroni (Chef and founders of “Al Mercato” restaurant), Guido Taroni (Photographer) and Pietro Travaglini (Designer).

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