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A summer in white and champagne (by Duca di Salaparuta)

A 'drinking experience' called the ‘Lanson White Label'

by Paola Perfetti
July 8th, 2015

Summer in white, not for the spectacular White Dinners around the world, in the shadow of iconic monuments  (from the Sforza Castle in Milan to the Eiffel Tower in Paris), but also for the label distributed this hot Summer 2015 by the Duca di Salaparuta.

It is called ‘Lanson White Label‘: a new cuvée with a basis of spices, fruit and aromatic herbs in which the elegance of Chardonnay meets the intensity of Pinot Noir and the scents of Pinot Meunier.

It is a glamorous champagne in both taste and appearance: the bottle is lacquered in total white, with a golden touch and the iconic red cross of Malta.

It should be served chilled at 7° and is even better if accompanied by orange peel, mint leaves or raspberry.

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