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The Shibori handmade meets the modern design

They are Suzusan: We met them during White Trade Show in Milan

by Redazione
September 25th, 2014

Each master of art Shibori has his technique handed down from generation to generation and his personal “touch”, or signature, able to make every fabric different from the other. Thanks to the experience of master Hiroshi Murase, Suzusan maison represents the last evolution of this textile finishing technique almost unknown in Western world: it is the most recent combination between modern design and antique and refined tradition of Japanhandmade”. Shibori is a Japanese handmade textile finishing technique in which the textile surfaces are folded in a special way, tied off or taken in, then dyed with natural techniques. The colour is fluid, tridimensional and with always new structures and contrasts.

Master Hiroshi Murase brought his family techniques to another level, undertaking a way which is making known to West an almost unknown eastern art. Originally the Shibori technique was applied to silk and wool fabrics as well as plant fibres such as cotton and flax. Over the course of the past decades, Japanese craftsmen have started to also treat chemically produced fibres, for example polyester and nylon, as well as leather and metals.

Directed by Hiroshi Murase and his son Hiroyuki, Suzusan finds new ways for its fabrics. Light design projects, refined tridimensional fabrics as artworks of light, innovative textures. Furnishings and unique fabrics they were able to transfer into a modern European context thanks to the Düsseldorf showroom: a Japanese excellence. But also German. Because, thanks to globalization, the world is a village.

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