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The Duke of Windsor’s Style

A joerney in the duke’s wardrobe

by Luca Manzoni
September 11th, 2014

The Duke of Windsor was definitely one of the most elegant men in the world. Without going into its history, political issues, the time of abdication and the life with Wallis Simpson, his style has entered in the legend, becomes a mood “very British” that not only defined an era but imposed style rules that still survive. If it had been possible to admire his wardrobe, directly under his guidance, we would have had the sensation that Duke always knew what to wear and, more importantly, what accessories to choose from.

An important look into this hidden world, there was a few years ago on the occasion of the sale of some of his personal effects at the auction house Sotheby’s. So important to be entered, in turn, in history. The look of the Duke of Windsor was a triumph of hats made ​​by Lock & Co. and Cavanagh, footwear by Peal & Co., even Keds sneakers, as well as blazers, suits and walking sticks.

A window on a unique style, a part of the male fashion history that recounts the passage of masculine taste between the Nineteenth and Twentieth centuries to the most contemporary developed in the Fifties. A style still very current and that we present anew in our gallery.

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