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Siniscalchi Camicie su misura

Masters of Elegance: Discover one of the protagonist of BeSpoke Night in Florence

by Alex Dordevic
January 31st, 2015

Siniscalchi Camicie was founded by Vittorio Siniscalchi as an artisan concern in 1948. Vittorio, who had always been fascinated by tailoring, decided he’d dedicate himself to the most intimate and personal of all menswear items, the shirt. Alongside underwear and made-to-measure pyjamas, shirts are a “second skin”. In 1982, Alessandro decided he would work toward perpetuating the tradition of excellence which his father had initiated.

From the very start, he decided he would not change the business’s original approach to shirtmaking from paper patterns – a meticulous procedure accompanied by care and attention paid to all the finishing touches (strictly handmade). As a talented shirtmaker, Alessandro decided his products should reflect new, contemporary influences.

The shirts would no longer be only those worn with formal suits. He added casual, sports models, with patterns and an ever-changing array of new materials, to his products range. “Customers are the real fashion designer of themselves. Our job is to provide a perfect rendering of what our customer wants. To do this we must really understand him, his true needs and, often, even his secrets”.

BeSpoke A Night In Florence

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