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Masters of Elegance: Discover one of the protagonist of BeSpoke Night in Florence

by Alex Dordevic
January 30th, 2015

Sartoria Ripense starts in the year 2000, in the very heart of Roma. A laboratory and a tailoring shop wholly dedicated to menswear, where everything speaks of quality and style, and everything is strictly “bespoke”.

The ideal example of Made in Italy, not merely meaning “home made”, but holding within all the talent and uniqueness of Italian style. Andrea Luparelli followed his grandfather’s footsteps, who was a tailor, and from him he inherited that passion driving him to commit and keep alive the noble tradition of the family. And here comes a tailoring house as those of past times, holding the deepest sense of the word “craft”, where craftsmanship, materials, concepts are the fundamental elements combining in this laboratory.

The creation of a suit is a path of perfection, from the very first trial to the end product, through all possible variations of the same item or accessory. Each step is essential: the selection of fabrics, measurements, cuts, up to the final finishing.

BeSpoke A Night In Florence

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