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Photo exhibition in Turin

Fashion and Style in the shots of National Geographic

by Marco Infelise
February 4th, 2016

Palazzo Madama presents, from February 4 to May 2, Fashion, a great new photo exhibition designed and produced by National Geographic Italy. 62 large format images, taken by 36 magicians lens including Jodi Cobb, Alexander Graham Bell, Chris Johns, Stephanie Sinclair, Robin Hammond, Ed Kashi, Cary Wolinski, Reza, William Albert Allard, Eliza Scidmore, Steve Raymer, David Alan Harvey, Joseph Rock offer a fascinating global perspective on the historical and cultural significance of the clothing and adornment and that revolves around the concept of style.

A concept that was born in the beginning of an ancient instinct, to decorate the body, to look beautiful, or different, to declare a sense of identity. Someone says that fashion has always simultaneously expresses the ephemeral and the eternal, and defines a membership social, economic, political, religious.

Palazzo Madama – Piazza Castello – Torino

4 febbraio – 2 maggio 2016

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