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Men’s fashion made by women: Nicoletta Caraceni and Francesca Serafin

“The rule of elegance? Passion and continuous research into the essence of beauty”

by Paola Perfetti - Video by Fashion Channel
June 18th, 2015

These two very different women are united by their talent for men’s tailoring, attention to detail and care for their products.

Professionalism, heart and passion “take you far”, as Nicoletta Caraceni explained (Ferdinando Caraceni) at beHouse 2015. “The key is always how much passion you put in and continuous research into the essence of beauty. And I see my same passion in Francesca’s eyes”.

In Milan in the 80s, Nicoletta Caraceni started out on her “very challenging” journey at her father Ferdinando’s tailor’s shop. Having studied at Bocconi University, Francesca Serafin now works at Serà Fine Silk, where she is setting out in the world of pocket squares.

The result of this fusion? In Nicoletta’s pocket there is a Serà Fine Silk pocket square and Francesca has learned from Mrs Caraceni’s advice, while men have a greater awareness of feminine savoir-faire. Even when it is a matter of dressing the gentlemen of today.

Video powered by Fashion Channel

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