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La Martina conquered Harvard

Lando Simonetti, founder and President of La Martina, having been a guest of Harvard University with a case history of his company

by Redazione
February 28th, 2015

Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Lando Simonetti, founder and President of La Martina, was greeted by a group of students from different disciplines – finance, marketing, economics – they had analyzed his company from top to bottom: the numbers, the campaigns, the employees and the management.

La Martina celebrates its 30th birthday by opening a new flagship-store in London’s St James’s and the meeting with one of the most prestigious universities in the world, taken from interview.

How it was possible to enter the highly competitive market of clothing in Italy?

It ‘s true, Italy is a highly competitive market. How to enter? You must have that extra oomph. We started with the shirt for the world polo championship by proposing it to the best Italian retailer that slowly have purchased.

How do you get along with competition such as Lacoste and Polo Ralph Lauren?

We have direct competition (there is to say that first of all we produce boots, saddles, etc. and in that area we have a certain type of competition). Then there are competitors like Lacoste or Ralph Lauren Polo, but not only. Before the customer spent, for example, 30% percent in clothing; today technology has reached 10% of the costs.

How would you describe students who have analyzed the case of La Martina?

Surprised me with their great curiosity. The great businessman is very curious.

What did you say them?

Dear all, it was an honor to be here, we have turned 30. It’s like winning an Oscar. After fighting in a country that is not a point of reference, such a goal is like winning an Oscar. They were 30 difficult years  because this country and the world are not easy.

So Simonetti has described the scenario where La Martina is located. “There is something called Old World and New World. Old World is already applied to La Martina, with all the difficulties of the case. Now it’s like high-tech scans, the big data and big companies behind, have changed the way of how the business is changed. And here the students talk about social media but lack practicality to deepen the subject. There are theoretical presentations but they did not have the cash flow side“.

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