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Bond Street: Christmas Time

The iconic street of London is inspired by its elegant past

by Redazione
November 13th, 2014

Bond Street is ready for 2014 festive season, like every year is dressed in lights and decorations to welcome the ten million visitors expected. The inspiration for this year is rooted in the tradition of the famous street in London, established in 1686 and now home to more than 125 luxury stores. In the late 1700s Bond Street was the favourite haunt of ‘The Bond Street Loungers”: dapper men who promenaded the street and became the early fashionistas or peacocks of their day, described by art and literature. Lord Brummel and the “poodle” Byng were the most famous.

Peacocks (peacock feathers) are the main mood of this year, a celebration of the eccentric and elegant style of these gentlemen, who laid the basics of English style. From November 13th, Bond Street wears lights that remind the lightness of the past, but also the extreme elegance which today can be found, walking along this road.

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