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beHouse 2015


From Filarete Tower to Big Ben, a matter of passion

by Redazione
May 20th, 2015

“I Am A Fool To Want You, To Want A Love That Can’t Be True, A Love That’s There For Others Too…”

These legendary lines, sung by Billie Holiday as well as Frank Sinatra, perfectly represent my relationship with my beloved Milan, a city which cannot be mine alone as it belongs to everyone. Like a love for a woman who is playing hard to get, it obliges me to do something quite extraordinary to get and keep its attention.

Today, in one of the most important moments of its history, a time when it will bask in the glow of attention from the whole world’s media, Milan is lost in the grip of Expo ecstasy.
Bespoke – TheChic&Cool, my team and I have decided to give Milan an extraordinary event in terms of the quality of its participants, the unique nature of its content, the house of bespoke, where everything has a history linked to its craftsmanship in terms of construction, the exclusivity of the materials used and unique design: handmade articles offered for sale on the international markets, one-off jewels created by expert, artisan hands thanks to techniques which are sometimes centuries old.

In other words, beHouse as the bible of an experience and a train of thought. A series of large and small brands will be on display, both famous and unknown to the masses, but joined by a common denominator: the extraordinary history, care, attention, skills and uniqueness with which each object is created.

We will see tailors, shirt-makers, watch-makers, tie-makers, cobblers, jewellers, barbers, shoeshiners, tattoo artists and leather craftsmen at work like in the past, each representing their speciality, the noble art of savoir fair typical of old-fashioned craft guilds. Naturally, they will enthral us with live displays of their skilled work, putting on a fascinating trunk show.

In addition, like all good recipes, we will add the flavour of the month, and in this case the theme of the Expo: food. This will be done in the simplest way possible, by letting the white-hatted proponents themselves, emerging young, famous and renowned chefs cook it.

There will be no risk of boredom during the days at beHouse, because like in any high-ranking household there will always be the possibility to meet important people from the creative or business world, as well as financiers, scholars and artists, always at the highest levels of quality. An image came to mind summarising my idea of the house and its being in this wonderfully international Milan, and so we asked a Parisian illustrator, Marc-Antoine Coulon, to reproduce it, to create a sketch for us: this is what you see on the cover of this catalogue, the image of the event in the context of the Milan Expo 2015.
It shows a young gentleman arriving in the metropolis, who after searching on his map sets out on the best path to take, starting off from Via Dante number 14 to discover the unknown city of Milan.

The background is the Filarete Tower, which for me represents all the tradition with which Milan is so imbued. The thread which unwinds from beHouse now extends beyond the English Channel. Milan will pass the baton to London, undisputed centre of quality, for next year’s edition. The capital of the bespoke awaits us with that classic calm which never seems to tarnish its unflappability, but which is in reality curious to measure its great cultural style against the beauty of the Italian school.

“You Never Told Me How Much You Cared, I Never Guessed It Somehow…”

And so, like in “Fumo di Londra”, an old black-and-white film with Alberto Sordi as an antique dealer infatuated with British style, we will be setting off across the Channel and trading the Filarete Tower for Big Ben.

by Giansandro Cantori

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