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BeShoes 2015


A passion and the best shoe tradition of the world

by Redazione
January 8th, 2015

The history of your maison. When was it born? Which are the most significant steps you made in the evolution of the tecnique and in your production?

I started as boots collector. As fan, I went to S.s., in Texas, where I learnt the secrets of the making. A friend of mine saw I was wearing a pair of customised boots and he wanted them too. Then another friend, another one, and the word passed. My shoes are all produced with the attention for details both for basic and made-to-measure lines. There are many manufacturing phases, but the one I love the most is the finishing. The creation technique changed radically: once the examples were Italian artisans; today I look to international craftsmanship.

Heritage Factor. Is there any philosophy of “heritage” in your product. How does it influence your final project?

My shoes are unique. they are born from not one and only, but from worldwide shoe traditions: a blend of Italian refinement and taste of english and Italian models, a very personal combination.

Artist of shoemaking: bespoke and ready-to-wear. What do they represent in business market and in production?

There is a bespoke and a ready-to-wear line, but none industrial production. I follow out the customer’s foot measurements in order to create a shoe with the best fit. In bespoke sector we can play with the fit in a more customised way.

Models and collections. Can you describe your production and your models? Which are your best sellers

Among the bestsellers there are the Maverick (Adelaide) and Gladiator (Oxford) models, that can be linked to Freccia Bestetti brand. The word “Gladiator” marked a novelty in handmade men shoes jargon, classifying this model with the name of my brand.

Making of: which is the difference of manufacturing between your “making of by request” and an authentic bespoke?

The shoe making is the same of the top line “Novecento” but in bespoke sector there is a different “start” because they are created according to customer’s shape. In the “request” we customize the shoe starting from a still existing base.

After market. Do you have any care or recrafting service for the customers of your bespoke or ready-to-wear shoes?

A new polishing and soling of the shoe, made on client’s customised shape, both for bespoke and ready-to-wear line.

The future: any strategy?

If it could be possible, creating best shoes compared to those still existing. It will born a new line that will take back old Italian style shapes, reinvented according to Freccia Bestetti taste.

Can you describe the shoe you exhibit at “beShoes” and why did you decide to join this first edition in Florence?

I will launch my three classic model, two bespoke shoes and a ready-to-wear, Novecento line.

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