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Shinola: American craftsmanship

A young brand with very clear ideas. A combination of timeless good taste with a vintage flavour based on craftsmanship but using modern technologies where necessary.

by Sara Noseda
May 5th, 2014

A young brand with very clear ideas. A combination of timeless good taste with a vintage flavour based on craftsmanship but using modern technologies where necessary. With this formula Shinola, an American production brand, has scaled the market and become a leading company in the production of handcrafted bicycles and leather watches and accessories. The special feature of the brand is the fact that it makes all its pieces with artisan methods in America with headquarters in Detroit in Michigan. “This is the most passionate city in America where industrial creativity meets style”, says Richard Schwinn.
In the historic buildings of the College for Creative Studies the separate parts of each Shinola bicycle are assembled. A group of experts in the manufacturing sector and in steel and leather working deal with assembling the components from zero ensuring meticulous attention to detail. Furthermore, the partnership with the college students organising craftworking courses breathes new life into the world of design with a young and modern approach. Shinola products are on sale online and in the Detroit and New York flagship stores.

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