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beHouse 2015

beHouse 2015: OOO – Out of Order® Fixed Bike

Distinguishing marks: born already age…

by Redazione
May 20th, 2015

They’re a plus for a bike that has covered the bespoke roads, and Out of Order ® has turned them into its trademark.
But it’s not just watches in the collection: fixed bikes are also part of the Out of Order ® high-end range. Their steel comes chromed but is then “de-chromed” i.e. treated to make it rusty and then this rust is permanently attached. It’s an entirely artisan process, just like all the rest of the Out of Order ® range of products.
Attention to detail and a sense of time to the rhythm of the spokes, which are all painted one by one in the same shade as the handlebars and the Brooks saddle.

Frame and Fork: “Fixed” DedaAcciai® with handmade aged junctions available measures: 50/53/56 cm (h)
Handlebar: Inside milled Torino Handlebar
Front brake: lever with Espander fastening inside the handlebar
Handlebar tapes: Dark brown handlebar tapes Brooks®
Handelbar junction: 3ttt stam
Saddle: Brown Brooks® B17 saddle
Seatpost: Zoom® aluminium made seatpost Screw docking saddle – chrome stroke
Rear wheel:
Ergal black nipples
Spokes: Brown powder coated spokes Valve: Michelin® tube with 52mm valve Tire: CST® 700 x 23 black tire
Front wheel:
Spokes:Matt black ultralight Aluminium with 6 spokes Valve: Michelin® tube with 52mm valve
Tire: CST® 700 x 23 black tire
Chain: KMC® Black chain
Crack set: ALU® Fixed Z44 crack set Bearings: BSC® hom brackett on bearings Pedals: Matt black aluminium pedals

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