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Mercedes SLC

The brand new model at Detroit NAIAS 2016

by Redazione
January 13th, 2016

At exactly 20 years since its launch in March 2016, the compact roadster par excellence will be relaunched under the new name of SLC and optimized in terms of aesthetic and technical. The new name testifies to the close relationship that the car has always had with the C-Class, from which derive many of its technical characteristics. The family grows now with the new Mercedes-AMG SLC 43 sports model at the top of the range, and the entry-level version SLC 180.

From the aesthetic point of view are particularly characteristic radiator grille in diamond and the Intelligent Light System with LED technology. The new Mercedes-Benz SLC carries a precious legacy: the previous model, the SLK launched in 1996, has had legions of fans around the world and, from its introduction on the market, has been sold in over 670,000 copies.

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