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The future of mobility

Toyota’s Advanced Technology Concepts

by Marco Infelise
January 8th, 2016

Future mobility is beginning to come into sharp focus. The Toyota exhibit at the 2016 North American International auto Show (NAIAS), from January 16-24 in Detroit, provides a glimpse at this transformational change to mobility while showing off the full line of new cars, trucks and SUVs available today. In addition to the Mirai, the groundbreaking fuel cell electric vehicle powered by hydrogen that began sales in California last year, Toyota will show the FCV+ concept vehicle.  The Toyota Kikai explores and emphasizes the fundamental appeal of machines. Two of Toyota’s future mobility concepts that are fan-favorites make a return to Detroit. The i-ROAD, an innovative, fun-to-drive three-wheel personal electric vehicle, has become a bit of a celebrity with the amount of media attention it has received over the past year.

The other concept that generates substantial public attention is the FV2, which is operated by the driver shifting his or her body to intuitively move the vehicle in any direction. The all-new fourth-generation 2016 Prius liftback makes also its first appearance in Detroit. No look at the future of mobility is not complete without a look “back” to dreams of yesteryear. The “Back to the Future” Tacoma, a re-creation of Marty McFly’s dream truck in the iconic 20th century film series, is coming to Detroit. Toyota will also celebrate Kyle Bush’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Series championship with a replica of his 18 race car. Finally, teens and their parents don’t want to miss the TeenDrive365 distracted driving simulator.

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