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Agalma Medusae jewellery from Etna

Precious Sicilian jewellery created by Giovanna Micali

by Gianpiero Di Bari
March 26th, 2015

The Agalma Medusae jewellery by Giovanna Micali encapsulates spirituality, mythology and literature. The roots of her creativity come from her love for Sicily, her homeland and a melting pot of ancient fascination.

Even the brand’s name suggests the harmonious contradictions that are the hallmark of this designer’s work. “Agalma” is a Greek word meaning the offerings made to the Gods; while Medusa was the Gorgon who could turn onlookers to stone, but was beheaded by Perseus. The aesthetic charm is embodied in the ceramic lava stone from Etna, which Giovanna uses as a precious gemstone.

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