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beHouse 2015

BeHouse 2015

A trunk show from outstanding craftsmen, cooking shows from Michelin-starred chefs and exclusive dinners

by Redazione
April 24th, 2015

For the second year, BeHouse is reconfirming its position as an unmissable event for anyone who loves excellence in all its wonderful guises.

This project, designed and organised by BeSpoke-The Chic&Cool, is a valuable showcase which celebrates elegance, beauty and quality of the highest standards, and this year forms part of Expo in Città.

Its contemporary debut at Milan Expo 2015 is important: in the historic centre, located in Via Dante 14, a stone’s throw from the Expo Gate, for 15 days (from 20th May to 5th June) the invited professionals will put their wares on display at extraordinary trunk shows with exclusive performances in the name of knowledge and culture.

However, taking inspiration from food and nutrition, the key subject of the World Fair, this edition of BeHouse will not only contain outstanding craftsmanship committed to showing the origins of their cult objects, but also famous haute cuisine chefs, which you can admire during unseen cooking shows, to the delights of the many enthusiastic gourmands.

The Don Lisander Restaurant is a partner of this initiative, a historic shop placed in Via Manzoni 12, a stone’s throw from the La Scala Theatre, a restaurant full of charm that serves as a custodian of the best local food and wine heritage.

In this highly exciting venue, each of the Michelin-starred chefs will have an evening dedicated to them: the delicacies they cook for guests at the Don Lisander Restaurant will also be offered as a catering option during the BeHouse event and enjoyed around the Tavolo dell’Amicizia with special guests, specially selected leading figures in their own fields.

BeHouse 2015
Via Dante, 14
20th May al 5th June

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