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The Meridiani DNA

Pure lines for a timeless elegance.

by Alessia Bellan
May 2nd, 2014

Furnishing your home personalising it according to your own style and conveying it a distinctive warmth, this is the formula which has proved successful for this company based in the Brianza, the area known for furniture, design and “Italianness” just a few kilometres from Milan. Fifteen years have passed since the first collection was launched. Success arrived quite immediately and spread well beyond the borders of Italy. This company is now strategically present in more than fifty countries, from Paris to Miami, from Antwerp to Singapore, thanks to its DNA deeply rooted in the region and to its exclusive, stylish product range satisfying the taste of a sophisticated and demanding international clientele. Meridiani means furniture, which has made Italian craftsmanship and sophistication its brand name. A home collection revising furniture classics with a contemporary feel and a touch of restrained, timeless elegance – this is the key of the collection and the mission of the owner of Meridiani, Renato Crosti, and of the designer and artistic director of the maison, Andrea Parisio.
Perfectly aligned with the company’s philosophy, the new showroom in Milan was designed to feel like a real private house with 280 square metres of parquet, high ceilings and mouldings in a period building – given a home feel by Meridiani furniture and fabrics. It is the ideal location for a brand whose clientele has very clear ideas of what chic living means. You move through a range of living spaces, including a study area and bedrooms, with the all-encompassing sensation of a real home. The Meridiani collection started with the production of soft furnishings – sofas, armchairs, beds and chairs – and step by step integrated them with all other furniture elements such as dining and coffee tables, cupboards and shelving units.
It includes now also decorative elements such as rugs and limited edition graphics; last but not least, Meridiani also includes an open – air collection made of iroko or teak products. It is its simple and pure lines which make the difference; a new idea of natural, easy going elegance which is timeless, free of the vagaries of the latest fashions and constantly seeking out new forms, materials and textures. Tailoring and design are thus the collection’s fil rouge, personalised with a wide range of fabrics and finishes for a luxury in its most discreet and sophisticated form. The esprit and characteristically male glamour of the brand are to be found in the grisaille and pied de poule herringbone patterns in greys and browns, as if they had been borrowed from ’his’ wardrobe. Meridiani’s excellence has been enhanced by the introduction of the Tuyo collection with its tailored and made-to-measure feel; made up of bed bases and maxi headboards fitted to the wall, it allows you an ample choice among different sizes and various heights personalizing in detail the finish for the fabric or leather: smooth or “diamond”-quilted, vertically striped or with craft-made capitonné.

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