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Rubelli’s fabrics charm summer and autumn 2014

From the Venice Biennale to the 92nd Opera Festival at the Verona Arena, textures for Santoni and Armani/Casa Exclusive Textiles in Milan

by Paola Perfetti
August 8th, 2014

Exclusive Textiles. This is the definition of maison Rubelli.

Celebrating its remarkable 125 years of history and Venetian heritage, the Group has been involved in many international and cultural projects: from the Venice Biennale to the 92nd Opera Festival at the Verona Arena, Rubelli collaborated with the Italian luxury footwear brand Santoni and launched a new Armani/Casa Exclusive Textiles by Rubelli collection for Autumn/Winter.

Rubelli Santoni A/W 2014 Collection
The combination of Rubelli’s noble fabrics and Santoni’s fashion-forward designs makes for a unique artisanal collection that is steeped in history and tradition. “This collection expresses the refined essence and heritage of both Rubelli and Santoni, who both share a passion for timeless elegance” CEO of Santoni, Giuseppe Santoni, said.
A selection of Rubelli’s fabrics, from the most traditional lampas to lush brocades and colourfully contemporary offerings, is matched with slippers and loafers, ballerinas and laced shoes, even boots and bags. The fabrics used were especially chosen from the renowned Rubelli archive for their evocative patterns and sophisticated techniques.

Rubelli: a botanical trend in the latest Armani/Casa Exclusive Textiles by Rubelli collection
Fabrics with exotic names such as ‘Havana’ and ‘Honolulu’ depict oversized palm motifs that conjure up images of warmer climes matched the sophisticated colour palette for which Armani/Casa Exclusive Textiles by Rubelli is renowned.

Rubelli takes centre stage at the Verona Arena as its official sponsor and supplier
Over one thousand metres of fabric was used to create the stunning set and costumes of Un Ballo in Maschera by Giuseppe Verdi and directed by Pier Luigi Pizzi, during the Opera Festival at the Verona Arena.
Rubelli fabrics were chosen for both the stage sets and for the costumes of the main characters and choir. The rich red, coral and fuchsia tones of Rubelli fabrics, alongside their more neutral ivory, pearl and honey offerings, shone in the spotlight, bringing vibrancy and elegant Venetian style to the production.

Rubelli and the water at Venice Biennale 2014
For this year’s Venice Biennale, an array of Rubelli fabrics were chosen to create an impressive installation by Venetian artist Anna Paola Cibin. Titled “Nuoto D’Aria” and consisting of 70 oversized fabric fish, the 9-metre high installation is the stand-out piece in the departure hall of Airport Marco Polo in Venice, providing those leaving the city with a lasting memory of Venetian culture.
Amongst the flurry of textures, colours and patterns, several of the statement fabrics from the most recent Rubelli collection, such as ‘Kiki’ and ‘Dripping’, are combined with more subtle offerings including ‘Yoroi’ and ‘Kursary’.

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