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Northern Poland’s hidden treasures

Opening of the Drutex European Woodwork Center in Bytów, Poland

by Natalia Jeziorek
October 20th, 2014

They are one of the biggest companies in Poland. You can find their windows all over the world, from the New York City Hilton Hotel, to shopping malls in Middle East. But Drutex, the European leader in window production, didn’t just invite us to Poland to show us their impressive, recently built structures. Full of respect to where they come from, they know, that their strength comes from their region. That’s why our trip leaded through the most magnificent landscapes of northern Poland.

Sopot- the pearl of Baltic Sea was our first stop. A place to be since XIX century, where rich and fabulous would come to spa. Times have changed but some things have stayed the same. The Sheraton Sopot Hotel Conference Center, and Spa where we’ve stayed, with it’s view on the sea promenade, the pier and beautifully reconstructed kurhaus is everything one needs to relax and enjoy the one of a kind Baltic sea climate.

But relax wasn’t our goal this time. We’ve come to explore. Our destination was Bytów, small town in northern Poland. Impressively located in the surroundings of forests and lakes, with a XIV century Crusaders castle is not a place where you’d have thought to find a huge, modern factory. But there it was, suddenly emerging from the fairy tale- like forest. The European Woodwork Centre, with a total area of 22,9 ha does make the right impression. But it’s not just the size that matters. In Drutex everyone knows time is money, so they deliver windows within seven days everywhere in Europe, from small Tuscan farmhouse to the center of London, you name it.

Sitting in the newly built hall, enjoying the best of what Polish cuisine could offer, from smoked fish decorated with edible flowers, to impressive selection of meats and artisan cheese, with live big band music playing, one could embrace all the best that the region could offer. And it is said to be the most green and pure in Poland. Here, the tradition is still a value you can’t overestimate. That is also a key to Drutex’s impressive success. The company is entirely run by the family- father, daughter, uncles and nephews stand hand by hand, older supporting the younger with experience, the younger full of brave ideas.

But the best was yet to come. Back to Sopot in the evening, after a stroll in the pier and shopping for famous Polish amber, the gala dinner was waiting. Again, we were impressed by the exquisite food and wine. And since the story of the company starts in the 80-ties, Boney M as the star of the evening was just the right entertainment.

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