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Modulnova, a new shape for historic ventures

The secret of this success? Work, work and more work. Seasoned with knowing creativity and a healthy dose of insight which, just like Prosecco in this area, is never in short supply...

by Giansandro Cantori
May 2nd, 2014

There are places in the world in which geographic borders are not entirely well defined. Prata di Pordenone certainly does not disprove this statement, in fact it is further proof of it. Whilst in topographical terms it is part of Friuli, from the perspective of its landscape, history and socio-economic context, it is still part of the Veneto region or rather Venezia Giulia, land of Prosecco.
This is the place in which the Modulnova saga began. It is 1988. And it is a product of the Presotto family or, to be exact, of two young (at the time) entrepreneurs who went on to become highly successful, for whom the word ‘enterprise’ seems to have been coined. From the starting point of those years and a small family business devoted to making bedroom furniture like many others in the area, Giuseppe and Dario – joined later by their younger brother Carlo – created a company which later became a prestige brand specialising in creating made-to-measure furniture for kitchens, living rooms and, today, bathrooms too with a series of characteristic and inventive creations based on the forms and, above all, the materials used making their products a quasi revolutionary icon in the sector.
At first sight the Presotto brothers’ adventure might seem to be typical of many in the furniture business to which this area makes such an important contribution. But in actual fact theirs is a vision which started way back and was grasped by very few, by the men themselves that is. Today this brand sounds as sweet as a rhyme from a poem by Guido Guinizzelli and Dolce Stil Novo and is a well-established brand in the international Italian design panorama.
Perhaps I’m a little biased because I like the people here. They’re well-mannered, very honest in their dealings with the world and competitive and creative on an international level. But they haven’t lost touch with their roots or their traditions and their approach is straightforward and familiar. Spending the day with them, as we at Bespoke did, wandering around the company hunting out images and tales means coming up against a vision of work in which dealings with the outside world are always oriented to a search for quality above any work and finished product considerations. Here every single component of the various projects at every single stage of work is truly bespoke. Every single piece is produced with the specific requests of the client and personalised building techniques in mind.
Unusual finishings, essential forms, construction minimalism, innovative design and the use of avant-garde raw materials such as concrete resin and raw wood have also made bathrooms one of the many jewels in a crown which is projecting Modulnova into yet more international markets. Just a few days ago it was confirmed that a new highly prestigious flagship store will be opening shortly in Paris and other developments are reinforcing the company’s tendency to expand beyond Italian borders too.
For the whole period that we were his guests Giuseppe Presotto was a very special host, attentive and open to every request. It’s in these people’s DNA. Guests and work are sacred to them, conviviality is taken to the highest possible level, transformed into a marketing weapon to make customers and visitors feel at home. We were even served a legendary Valdobbiadene in the company’s kitchen which is officially used to test materials and domestic appliances to include in the collection but actually used on a daily basis as a meeting place at the end of a day’s work for a well-cooked dish and a good glass of wine.
The secret of this success? Work, work and more work. Seasoned with knowing creativity and a healthy dose of insight which, just like Prosecco in this area, is never in short supply.

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