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Gentili Mosconi Home

Luxury in every exclusive housing context

by Redazione
November 18th, 2014

Together with her husband Francesco Gentili, in 1988 Patrizia Mosconi founded Gentili Mosconi spa, company famous all over the world for the exclusive creation of refined fabrics for the most important brands of Italian High Fashion. Since the beginning, the company based in Como district, in Northern Italy, works like an industrial tailor’s shop for high fashion and creates exclusive fabrics: from the design to the weaving, from the prints to the embroideries, till the handmade tailoring of fashion accessories. In 2005, the creation of the new “Home” division specialized in the production of linen, sheets, quilts, bedcovers, table-clothes, awnings, pillows, sponges and towels. These high quality luxury goods are all produced with a great creativity for combining colours and choosing fabrics.

During years, the Home division has turned into a real bespoke tailor that, starting from the desire of every Customer, can create unique and customised products, more than handmade prints for fabric samplings or limited editions. Today, a real fabric “library-archive” is available for fashion designers; here, Gentili e Mosconi keeps books with samples from XVII century till nowadays coming from all over the world. The Contract division of the company, together with Architects and Interior Designers, can design and create exclusive “turnkey” products.

Still investing in material research and even more precise and refined manufacturings: this is our daily challenge, by searching a higher and higher quality and a customer service that makes the customer calm and safe, by working with professionals with expertise and passion. Because, according to us, the customer is so important, he is the core of our business. At last, we will increase our partnerships with big luxury groups; among them, there is Ferretti Group, of course”, as Patrizia Mosconi explains.

More than creating ad hoc collections for private customers and supplying real dream and relax resorts, like wellness centres and exclusive charm hotels where luxury and refinement need the best of elegance and quality, we have to mention the special Collection created for yachts. Linen, silk, cotton, cashmere, wool and sponges turn into customised sheets especially created for the owners of the most important boating industry brands. The outers are created with anti-stain spreading products in order to withstand saltiness.

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