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beHouse 2014: Progetto Officina

Passion for architecture and all artistic expressions

by Redazione
May 20th, 2014

Founded in 1995, Progetto Officina is now a major company in the decor sector, in possession of all the expertise required to create a wide variety of top-quality products for a demanding clientele.

With Lorenzo Ammannati and Gianfranco Malcuori at the helm since the 90s. Always in step with the continual technological evolution of the sector, it has a cutting-edge technical studio and a highly specialised staff, although this has not prevented it from retaining the craft aspect which hallmarks meticulous attention to detail and finish. The focus is alwayson a product of prestige, the success of which is to be sought in the importance attributed to the finish and the end quality. The resulting elegance is perfectly tailored to reception premises such as villas, museums, hotelsand industrial structures: the projects are carried out in liaison with a wide range of partners to cover all thesectors involved, from carpentry to upholstery, glass elements and curtains.

Progetto Officina can manufacture any kind of decor element, satisfying both the most daring requests and the most simple. Among its principal productions are door and window fixtures, curtain walls and stairs made of steel, iron, brass and other metals. Passion for architecture and all artistic expressions make up a winning cocktail for the development of major projects. Form, beauty and loving care for detail, combined with the ongoing quest for innovative technologies and materials, is the goal that Progetto Officina sets itself for the achievement of a decor product that is increasingly precious and prized.


We have taken up the challenge of finding a balance between formal beauty, function and technique. We want to create POETRY translated into objects of everyday use. Our POETRY resides in everything that represents PASSION, MODERNITY and SPEED. We want to design creations that can speak to PEOPLE’s hearts rather than being merely sterile objects. Things that can satisfy the profound desire for POETRY that we all carry concealed within us.


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