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Style in your bedroom

When the dressing gown is a must-have for the wardrobe of any true gentleman

by Sara Cervo
March 8th, 2015

It appears, in actual fact, that the dressing gown has never gone out of fashion. At least it seems that way by looking in the stores of the biggest tailoring labels around the world, which have always catered to the true gentleman.

Every man who, even when relaxing at home, prefers to wear an item that sets him apart, shopping with designers who even tailor to style “in your bedroom”.

Such as the American label, Paul Stuart, which has always excelled in elegance since 1939, or the Brits Turnbull & Asser who can boast of having dressed Winston Churchill, Prince Charles and James Bond with these items over 130 years. Not to mention Emma Wills and her tailor’s shop located in the historic centre of Gloucester, or Derek Rose who has focused on sophistication for three generations and lastly The Merchant Fox which has always fused design and refinement, in British style of course.

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