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Shaggy Dog Sweater

A classic that warms in wintertime

by Luca Manzoni
January 22nd, 2015

A great winter classic. The Shaggy Dog Sweater is the warmest solution made in Shetland wool, the best alternative to cashmere and traditional wool, created for the first time by J. Press. Despite the brand claims authorship, it is no longer the only one in this production. At the beginning, this sweater was for a large part of people; today, it is for elegant gentlemen who wear it with a botton-down shirt, a chambray or a crew-neck t-shirt, casual trousers, velvet pants or even classic cut models. Since the beginning, it has been the most loved and worn by the most elegant men in the world, a symbol of style, from American WASP to Preppy, from college fraternities to the classic icons of menswear, like John F. Kennedy and Steve McQueen.

Produced in the namesake islands, Shetland wool is known for its warmth reached through a polishing technique – this is the reason why for century this fabric was chosen by fishermen and farmers of the islands. However, a Shetland wool sweater is not a real Shaggy Dog. The difference is in the making: a Shaggy Dog Sweater is produced with a different polishing which makes the wool keeping the air inside its fibres creating an excellent isolating. Shetland wool is more waterproof – just asks to North Sea fishermen; Shaggy Dog wool has the same features but adds more comfort. Time and use increase its charm: when a Shaggy Dog felts, it reaches the highest level of elegance.

Nowadays, the lovers of New England style, it could be Preppy or Hipster, have great choice: the slimmer fits make this item a real must-have for wintertime also for new generations. Every man should have a Shaggy Dog Sweater in his closet: it is warm, very warm!, and with its wide range of colours you will desire all the entire collection.

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