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Ralph Lauren: the man who reinvented the shirt

The classic Oxford shirt is now knitted

by Gianpiero Di Bari
May 12th, 2015

The knitted shirt practically comes as standard for any man’s wardrobe. But Ralph Lauren has launched a brand new version. The American designer has decided to reinterpret the most classic of fabrics, Oxford cotton, adding a touch of versatility and elegance to the causal style of the polo shirt.

He has combined the appeal of the Oxford shirt with the comfort of a polo, bringing a tailored approach to this shirt, complete with a button-down collar, mother-of-pearl buttons and a multi-coloured embroidered logo.

The name “Oxford” comes from the English city where this natté weave fabric was developed, featuring a warp and weft made from two interwoven threads. Its special feature? The coloured warp thread and the white weft thread enhance the weave and create a miniature cross-hatched effect.

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