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Pirelli: the new online

The new digital platform which tells the story through video, images and text of all Pirelli’s souls

by Redazione
October 20th, 2015

Pirelli has redesigned its digital identity launching the new, a platform which gives visitors a global view of the many “souls” that constitute the world and history of Pirelli: from products to competitions, from business to sustainability, from art to culture and the Pirelli Calendar. The narrative approach of the new platform is based on storytelling through images, videos, texts that recount the “stories” accompanying the visitor/reader along a course of Pirelli discovery.

Online from today, the new is a real magazine which will also feed into Pirelli’s social media channels. The project, of an editorial nature, presents the interface of a “digital newspaper”, with seven constantly updated cover stories. There are also great new developments in the Pirelli Calendar site ( a totally immersive environment which has been completely reworked that, from today, gives access to never before seen content linked to The Cal.

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