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Murses, briefcases and backpacks

by Luca Manzoni
February 3rd, 2015

Men’s bags: despite briefcases and doctor bags, once men used them little. Today, these accessories mean comfort and style even in menswear. From briefcase to backpack, worn both for formal or casual outfits, till murse, the real bag created for men, a new idea of elegance with a brand-new name created to mark the trend coming from the combination of words Man and Purse.

Nothing in common with the Seventies handbags, forgotten as style mistake, luckily, today murses are created for a stylish public, more than designed for men’s needs in many different shapes and ways. Briefcases are for businessmen; backpacks for the dynamic ones. Murse is halfway, thought for an elegant man with nothing to do with the disused “metrosexual” mood, or other men’s categories, such as “hipsters”, sometimes mentioned inappropriately.

The man who wears bags knows his own style. This is the reason why fashion houses offer an unlimited selection man choses among the most comfortable models in line with his lifestyle. For a weekend or job, walking down the street, in their different categories, men’s bags can please every taste and need.

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