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J. Fitzpatrick Footwear collection

In order to be successful not only talent is needed, but also commitment. No matter how old you are

by Fabio Attanasio
April 29th, 2014

J. Fitzpatrick Footwear collection comes from the passion of a young man for shoes and from a desire: to see more men across the world wearing better shoes. Justin was born in Seattle, where there is lack of interest for footwear. He graduated from Business and Marketing School in Washington, but wanted to become an influential voice in the footwear industry. After working as a salesguy in a shoe shop in Seattle, he finds an internship opportunity at Stefano Bemer, the legendary artisan of bespoke shoes from Florence. He spent one year in Italy, where he eventually met his bride to be.

Upon the intership, he headed back to the States and decided to launch a blog, The Shoe Snob, a virtual place to communicate his passion for the shoes and educate his readers to quality through the expertise he gained during the years. After marrying his wife, he moved to Brighton. His will to learn was still strong and so he touched base with Tony and Dean of Gaziano & Girling for an internship, this time in London. Unfortunately, without salary it was impossible to make a living and pay the daily three-hour commute from Brighton to London.

Just before giving up, unsure on whether to carry on or to stop, he found out that Gieves & Hawkes were looking for a military-grade shoe shining expert, a trade he had learnt during his stay in Florence. He got the job and started meeting high-end clientele, that will later turn out to be helpful for his project. His daily train trips afforded him a lot of spare time, so he used to spend it drawing illustrations of shoes, that will become his first collection. He just had paper and pencil, no abilities in design, just equipped with a strong will to succeed. In the meanwhile his blog took off and led him to meet a person who will introduce Justin to a Spanish shoes manufacturer. This is how he started his first shoes production and he even got to sell them at Gieves & Hawkes, number 1 Savile Row reference for men’s elegance. A nice story of personal success, with a young man as the protagonist, who reminds us that for being successful not only the talent is needed, but also the commitment.

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