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beHouse 2014: Prata & Mastrale

The house of Tailoring

by Redazioni
July 28th, 2014

When a Milanese ex-manager decides to follow his passion for menswear apparel and opens his own tailor’s shop, the results were sure to be remarkable. Elegance is “a form of culture and respect for your kin”, says Aldo lnvitti di Conca, who has several aristocratic titles. Up until some years ago he was a manager for his family business in the pharmaceutical industry and then founded his dressmaker shop Prata & Mastrale in 2011. We met him at his atelier in the heart of Milan, in Via Fatebenefratelli, 17 a place which breathes the real Milanese elegance through a complete service of stylistic consultation, from the suits to the knitwear – everything is bespoke.

Why did you decide to open Your tailor’s shop?

“Prata & Mastrale is the result of my strong passion for bespoke and my stylistic knowledge and then my determination to follow it through. That’s how I gathered trusted tailors, the master dress cutter Cristiano Zerboni and I formed a team of six people with a small workshop at Novara, close to Milan. Every single client of mine is guided to find their own personal style and to re-discover the fun and joys of elegance and the artisanal tradition”.

What different and unique services does Prata & Mastrale offer?

“We offer a range of services to meet the different needs of our clients. The highest is a pure bespoke service consisting in three fittings. Another service we offer is what I call “sartorial” and which allows us to cut time and costs and at the same time maintain very high quality standards. Our customer tries pre-crafted models on which his fit and his choice of look are registered. In this way we can cut the fabric, sew it and present it to the client half-finished on the second fitting”.

Which stylistic research do you conduct in your atelier?

“I do a great amount of research on fabrics, especially on English tweed. Rediscovering fabrics makes you also rediscover certain models”.

What is your advice for men’s suits?

“For a double-breasted jacket I suggest flannel with a hint of pinstripes. Or a four button hopsack with two vents and applied pockets which can also be worn with jeans. With a seersucker fabric I would make a two button jacket completely unstructured. The most important thing is that every suit makes you feel comfortable and at ease in your own skin”.

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