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Brioni Kyoto Bomber

by Luca Manzoni
September 5th, 2014

The Brioni Kyoto Bomber is the leisurewear for the modern gentleman. The quality of manufacturing tells of the tailoring and the value of the most experienced manual making. Silk bomber jacket, the garment is hand-painted and takes inspiration from Japan, just like all the Brioni autumn/winter 2014-15 collection.

Painted in Japan and produced in Italy by Brioni, the bomber jacket has been created in 20 limited edition models only, and each one requires 45 days of work. Its creation uses the ancient techniques of craftsmen from Chiso, in Kyoto, experts in the production of kimonos for over 450 years, who are able to create unique products, just like the tailors of Brioni.

The colours stand out on a silky contemporary bomber jacket: cherry flowers, bamboo and geometric patterns hand-painted. Brioni logo has been embroidered manually, and it blends in the wings of a crane in front of its head. The details, the knitted cuffs, the collar and the waist underline its relaxed character that easily combines with formal looks, a synthesis of luxury and refined elegance.


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