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beHouse 2015

beHouse 2015: Sartoria Kiton

Excellence and craftsmanship Made in Italy

by Redazione
May 20th, 2015

The high artisan tradition of Neapolitan tailoring is the heart of Kiton’s range, a historic name in bespoke elegance, which, since 1968, the year in which it was founded by Ciro Paone, has been synonymous with passion and excellence.

Unique creations, made reality with the finest fabrics like vicuña, cashmere, linens and the best silks, the work of skilful hands that create garments sewn according to the tenets of the most refined tailoring. Tradition and attention can be found in every hand-sewn detail, which becomes a distinctive and recognisable symbol in the mastery that tells the story of a world of passion.

The creation of an exclusive Kiton garment is part of the history of tailoring, one of the strengths of true ‘Made in Italy’, handed down from generation to generation. Ten years ago it led to the creation of the Kiton Art of Tailoring School that preserves its famous history worldwide. The same Kiton craftsmanship can also be found in a range of footwear and small leather accessories, deliberately deconstructed like the tailored range, in a through line of tradition that perfectly embodies the brand’s philosophy.

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