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beHouse 2015

beHouse 2015: Orazio Luciano

The Real Neapolitan Tailor, between tradition and innovation

by Redazione
May 20th, 2015

The rules of Neapolitan tailoring traditions and a real passion for research, namely tracking down vintage fabrics, linings and buttons in small disused tailor’s shops. It does not matter whether you are the Prince of Holland, an heir or a top businessman from the American, Russian and Middle East markets (South Korea, Japan and China are new territories to conquer). Each Orazio Luciano jacket stands for tradition and modernity tailor-made to each connoisseur; a love for mappina sleeves; a desire to enhance one’s collection of sportiest cut coats with durable yet lightweight fabrics and the boldest colours, creative jackets to be paired with jeans or contrasting trousers. Always focused on authentic craftsmanship from the real Neapolitan school.

Orazio Luciano coats are made from hand-cut materials, with carefully selected linings; they are press ironed beforehand and then again using a hot iron and a moist cloth. Always “helping the customer to make up his mind”, as Pino Luciano explains, Orazio’s son who, since the 1990s, has been at the helm of this company founded many years ago in a workshop at the gates of Naples. Today, the brand is not only found in the major capitals of international elegance: several times a year, Pino and Orazio travel the world, meeting the retailers in person as well as the people who like to wear their products. These are their trunk shows: they prepare clothes and build friendships in every corner of the globe, always focusing on their customers’ needs. Just like every one of their garments, which follows the body’s silhouette. This is the “greatest satisfaction” for Orazio Luciano, The Real Neapolitan Tailor.

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