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beHouse 2015

beHouse 2015: Cappelletti

On the feet of sporty-chic dandies for over 60 years

by Redazione
May 20th, 2015

Can an elegant, classic, high-quality shoe (with a Goodyear welted rubber sole and natural leathers) also be original, fashionable, practical and capable of blending “British” style with “military” and “sporty” styles? Try asking the Cappelletti family, a company founded in the heart of the Italian shoemaking region of Le Marche, and the answer will be yes.
Teamwork has helped create its handcrafted collections, evenly split between women’s and men’s lines, produced by a savoir-faire combining leathers, extra-light rubber, finishings and manual skill to express the value of someone who, for 61 years, has been living among lasts, uppers, welts, quarter stiffeners, hides and toe caps.
It was initially just a workshop nestled in the green Le Marche hillside “which blends with the glimpses of the blue sea in the distance; […] a small business with big ambitions” explains Stefano Cappelletti, who is now one of the managers of this company that holds the licence for the German luxury brand “Bogner” and has different active partnerships with luxury brands to produce exclusive casual/sportswear items.
Since 1980, Cappelletti, an ISO9001 certified company for its quality management systems, has been the official supplier of military footwear to the Italian Ministry of Defence.

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