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Evening clutch: the elegance in your hands

Fashion passes, but icons still remain: the clutch is one of them

by Paola Perfetti
April 18th, 2014

A secret for being elegant? Choose an evening clutch. Lanvin celebrates the 85th perfume by creating a new model that looks like a perfume bottle with a golden top. A vintage inspiration, just alike the clutch, iconic fashion accessory that reminds the old times.

In XIX century, the most respectable young ladies wore these small bags created in embroidered silk to hold a small perfume or a precious handkerchief with their names; then smelling salts, needle-and-thread. Fashion passes, but icons still remain: the clutch is one of them.

From Oscar de La Renta and its Gardenia (made with reptile leather) to Paola Cadermartori’s Sylvie that wants to call to mind summer and luxury (it’s made with straw and posh black leather details); from the tropical bamboo of Pandora Hula by Charlotte Olympia (so Sixties) to beads, studs, Swarovski crystals and geometrical motifs of Matthew Williamson (Seventies’ inspiration).

Silver, gold, blue and beige for the spring-summer 2014 of Vicedomini or a strong yellow like the Valorie bag by Anya Hindmarch made with goatskin or reptile leather?

Which one will you choose for your soiree?

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