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Biba’s Story

A success from Swinging London up to the present day

by Luca Manzoni
May 2nd, 2015

Biba is one of those names that evokes the era of Swinging London, a shop in Kensington in London that was a hangout for cinema and rock stars. With an Art Nouveau setting, it displayed collections that have left their mark on the history of fashion, from the gingham dress worn by Brigitte Bardot to the arrival of the miniskirt and cuissard boots.

Barbara Hulanicki is the soul of this brand founded in the Sixties and then closed down in 1976, but now back in the limelight under her guidance. Encouraged by her husband, Stephen Fitz-Simon, Biba began as a freelance fashion designer and then went on to set up Biba’s Postal Boutique. It was just a short step from here and her success has lasted up to the present day, working as a consultant to major brands and exhibiting an artistic versatility in her current acclaimed job as an interior designer.

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