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beHouse 2015: Bianchi e Nardi 1946 – new bags, ancient traditions

A brand of exquisite accessories making headway in Made in Italy

by Redazione
May 4th, 2015

The average age of Gabriele and Giulia Bianchi, Andrea, Laura and Alessandro Nardi is about 30 years. They are the five entrepreneurs behind “Made in Tuscany”, who share a passion for the beautiful and the well-made, as well as a determination to make a strong impact in the luxury sector, and a desire to follow in the footsteps of their parents.

From their strong family heritage, they have designed a new brand of bags called Bianchi e Nardi 1946. In fact, 1946 was the year when their grandfathers, Mario Bianchi and Aldemaro Nardi, founded a leather goods company of the same name in Florence, which over almost seventy years of business has created models for the biggest international labels.

Today, the third generation is launching their own brand, starting from Galileo, Leonardo, Manzoni, Canova, Dante, Bartoli and Biggi: seven great Italian figures who have given their names to these bags by five entrepreneurs with clear ideas.

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