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WunderXmas: a beSpoke party at Modulnova

Friends, partners, aficionados thrilling the... shiver - Christmas - party 2014

by Editorial Staff - Photos e Video by Francesco Italia
December 18th, 2014

A great party. A thrilling, or better “da Brivido” party – as Italian people would say – that BeSpoke and Modulnova organized last night in Corso Garibaldi 99, Milan. A tradition.

This is the second year BeSpoke celebrates the friendship between the magazine, even more international, and the famous furniture maison which, with its made in Italy Style, custom-made kitchens and bathrooms is seducing the world. And it seduced friends, partners, and aficionados who joined this Christmas party, attracted by “Brivido” concept car set up for this occasion by Italdesign Giugiaro.

At the entrance, as usual, Dom and Hendrick’s friends served gin tonic and welcomed guests to our “Wunder Christmas”.

A Christmas of wonders, as we could understand by seeing the objects displayed among Modulnova furniture, from scarves to socks used to decor the great Christmas tree (3 metres!) set up by Mosaique.

The Christmas toast? In BeSpoke style with champagne – Cà del Bosco – and Panettone Vergani.

The representatives of the big shop of wonders made of dough and candied fruits celebrated a new beSpoke Christmas. A “wunder” Christmas for this year, perfect for a Cabinet of Wonder.

For those who missed it, here the best of and the pictures of event by the photographer Francesco Italia.GUARDA LA VIDEOGALLERY.

c/o Modulnova, Corso Garibaldi 99, Milan, Italy

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