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Milano Unica 2014

A decreasing number about expositors: the focus is on quality, the only card able to restart Made in Italy

by Fabio Attanasio
March 31st, 2014

398 exhibitors have attended the 17th edition of Milano Unica, a decreasing number, compared to the 417 companies of the edition of February 2013. The negative trend has also touched the total revenues of the Italian textile industry, decreased of 2,4% compared to 2012. Because of fewer exhibitors, fewer buyers and fewer exportations, the companies need to split the risks by moving to foreign markets. The result: the focus is on quality, the only card able to restart made in Italy products.

In the cotton industry, Abini group keeps the leading position thanks to its vast collection of fabrics. The giant company presents this year the GIZA87 fabric, an Egyptian cotton in shades of light blue and white, shiny and solid, despite almost thirty washings in factory. Among the news is the proposal of Hausammann, presenting colours of Swiss manufacturing ranging from Batista to voile and plissé for smoking shirts.

As for the woolen mills, apart from the big names, English and Scottish mills are missing at Idea Biella. Cerruti understands an important trend and presents pure wool products alongside of hybrid fabrics, made up of wool, silk, linen and ramié. The jackets are soft, vividly-coloured and trhree-dimensional to the touch. Their Parcour collection is very innovative, named after an urban French discipline, featuring sportive fabrics made up of cotton and nylon. Vitale Barberis Canonico, on the other hand, presents a collection inspired by summer sensations, meant as a state of mind rather than a meteorological concept. Fabrics are conceived for the free time, are patterned and shiny. The Classic Line features pure Saxon Merino Wool Super 160’S whereas silk, linen and cotton have been selected for the Vintage Line and finally wool and silk for the Orient Express Line, ideal for business suits.

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