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Luce della Vite: An Outsider in Montalcino

1993-2012: The Twentieth time of a unique wine

by Paola Perfetti
March 27th, 2015

In 1993 Vittorio Frescobaldi and Roberto Mondavi combined their passions to create a wine as unique as their friendship. As young enologists, their sons Lamberto Frescobaldi and Michael Mondavi gave life to their fathers’ vision by crafting an innovative blend in Tuscany, able to express itself in a different and exciting way.
20 years have passed, and while professionally they have gone separate ways, their families still remain friends. As the original winemakers, they liked to commemorate a special 20 year achievement.

It was done during an evening of “Luce”: of Vines; of an intact friendship for 20 years, just like its label; of a video “An Outsider in Montalcino” which among heritage and technology has brought the flavour of an excellent project and detailed fine tailoring “to Luce”. Just like the dishes served by the Chef, Davide Oldani, during the gala evening at the old Church of San Carpoforo, in Brera, Milan, a former place of worship dedicated to a “fruit-bearing” saint which was granted under exceptional circumstances to the Fine Arts Academy of Brera.

With Luce della Vite, the Academy has an educational project in store for the whole of 2016 “aimed at enhancing the creativity and excellence of the arts and crafts, of which Luce is the symbol and an ambassador around the world”, they explained.

Today, the Mondavi and Frescobaldi families are continuing to work together to build Luce’s future. Since 2004, Luce has been importing and distributing its wines to the USA through the Folio Fine Wine Partners.

Twenty Luce vintages: extraordinary bottles that have described the evolution of a dream and the creation of a legend.

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